The Multiple Layers of the Root Word Ception

In July of 2010 a mesmerizing movie was released by the name of “Inception.” It was a hit worldwide and something unexpected came from it. The term ception became popular. Ception is not a true “word” but instead is a suffix which is added onto the end of a word.

It often refers to the many layers of the noun which it follows. For example, a carception would be a car, inside of a car, inside of a car, etc. The term was associated with the movie “Inception” because of the multiple layers of dreams that were explored in the movie.

Ception is actually comprised of the Latin root word “cept” and has the suffix “ion” added to the end of it. What does cept mean and what kinds of words are created with it?

Cept and Accept

Cept means seized or taken. To cept something is to take it. Every word that contains cept involves something being taken. For example, when you accept a gift you are taking it for yourself. You are agreeing to receive it and allow it to become yours.

Spiritually to accept is to believe an idea or agree with an opinion. To accept the Church’s teachings, you are choosing to believe and have faith in what the church shares with you. As human beings we often look for a higher authority, such as the church, to believe in and help guide us when we are lost.


The word conception has two different meanings. It can mean the creation of ideas or the moment of the actual creation of a life. For the creation of ideas, you are taking the ideas from your brain. They are created in your head and you are removing them from your brain and exposing them to the world. For the creation of life, conception is the moment the egg is fertilized in order to form or create the life.


Deception happens when truth is removed or taken. It can be a trick or a lie. If a person pretends to be a war hero but in truth was kicked out of the army, a deception has occurred. Deception is often mentioned in the Bible. There are many instances in the good book where people lie to another person or pretend to be someone they are not.

As humans we can even utilize deception with ourselves. We can lie to ourselves in order to make us feel better about who we are as a person or what we are doing. Deception is never a good thing. It is always better to be honest and truthful.


To be the exception is to be singled-out or taken from the group. An exception is different than what is considered normal. An exception differs from the rule or what is the norm. If a group of tourists all wear red shirts to an amusement park except for one man who wears blue, the man becomes the exception. Diversity is a beautiful thing. All humans are unique and we all have special gifts that make us an exception to the norm.


Inception is the beginning. Something has been taken in and formed. The inception of an idea is the actual moment when information is gathered and put together in order to create the idea. It is very similar to conception. It is the start of something. It could be the beginning of an undertaking or even a journey.

It can also refer to the actual act of graduating from a university or earning a degree from the university. Inception can even refer to the actual graduation ceremony or commencement itself. In science fiction terms, inception means entering a person’s dreams in order to place an idea in their mind.


Football fans adore the word interception because it can be a very real game changer for their team. If an opposing team quarterback attempts to throw the football to one of his teammates but a team player from the other side actually catches the ball, it is called an interception.

To intercept something is to take it somewhere between its beginning point of origin and its intended point or target. If you take a letter from the mailman that was intended for someone else, then you have intercepted the letter. You took it and halted its progress to its intended viewer.


A misconception is a faulty way of thinking or understanding of something. For example, many people believe that in order for a food to be referred to as “sushi” it must contain raw fish. Some people even believe that sushi means raw fish.

These beliefs are common misconceptions. Sushi does not mean raw fish nor does it have to contain raw fish. Raw fish is a common ingredient often found in sushi but it is not a necessary one. A misconception takes away the truth and replaces it with a false belief.


In order to be perceptive you must take in everything around you. You look beyond what you can actually see. You are sensitive and insightful about something. For example, the perceptive person realized that your smile was not a real smile. By knowing you and seeing the expression on your face the person was able to discern that you were not truly happy. They knew that the look on your face was a false or a fake one.


A precept is a regulation or rule which is meant to govern behavior or thought. It can be a general rule for certain actions or a law or ordinance. A precept takes away the freedom to do whatever you want and instead instructs you on what you should or must do.

In Biblical terms a precept refers to an instruction or a commandment. Probably the most well-known set of commandments in the Bible is the “Ten Commandments.” These 10 rules were created and are governed by God.


When someone is susceptible to something they are easily influenced or harmed by it. Your ability to say no to something that you are susceptible to is in a way taken from you because it makes you say want to say yes instead.

For example, alcoholics are highly susceptible to alcohol. The alcohol, in a manner of speaking, takes away the alcoholic’s ability to say no and tries to make them say yes to the it instead.

In conclusion, cept is a very interesting Latin root word that is an integral part of many common words in the English language. When you examine all the words that contain cept you can clearly see the part it plays in their definitions.

To accept something is to take something for yourself. Deception takes the truth out of a situation. Taking or seizing things is part of each and every aforementioned word’s definition. Sometimes it is not something you would think of as being part of the particular word’s meaning, but now you should be able to see it more clearly.

Taking apart words and examining each piece of the word can be very interesting and enlightening thing to do. You never know what secrets you will discover.