Life Transition Program - Mentoring with Thomas Herold

Life Transition Program - Mentoring with Thomas Herold

  • Do you feel stuck with your life and going nowhere?
  • Do you feel the way you used to handle life is no longer working?
  • Do you wonder why work and stress increase and happiness vanishes?

You are not alone...

We are in the midst of one of the biggest paradigm shifts the western world has ever seen. Especially the United States - a forerunner of change - is going through a major transition. It is as powerful an upheaval as its founding was, when at that time America freed itself from the English foreign rule and then later established the Unites States Constitution.

It was one of the most powerful declarations of freedom that the world has ever seen. It provided the framework for liberty and prosperity.

It is a paradigm shift with a radical change in the fundamental theory of your beliefs. It's the shift away from the viewpoint of a separate, isolated and physical worldview into a connected, wholeness spiritual worldview.

How to Move From Scarcity to Abundance

This new connected worldview is the next evolutionary step in the development of humanity. You can already see many new organizations and concepts that align with this new force. It is a change that is driven by every single individual, a new bottom to top restructure of society. The increasing pressure and dissatisfaction you and the majority of the population feel is a result of holding on to an outdated worldview that is no longer working.

It is up to you personally and every individual to recognize this, and to align with the new paradigm worldview. This new worldview is based on complete individual empowerment. It requires all of us to transition from believing in scarcity and fear into a new mindset of wholeness, in abundance and holistic wealth creation.

Setting The Conditions of Your Well-Being

Holistic wealth creation is based on the universal archetypes of life, which naturally contribute to the conditions of well being. This state of well-being will occur in you, once you have learned the fundamental laws of nature. When you have recognized its intrinsic values, and started to accept them in your life, then they will naturally flourish.

Life is like surfing a wave

Life is like surfing a wave...

In this state of well-being you recognize your unique wealth potential, and you use it in alignment to contribute and to create value in the world. This value is based on and in alignment with the overall improvement of life's condition.

It leads to creating value for others with the intention to increase the state of abundance worldwide. This is the most powerful and successful way to live your life. It is the alignment with life's natural flow of abundance.

It is the change of shifting your bottom line from fear to love, where you experience love as a state of being that is simply the absence of fear.

Change Your World View

You will work closely with me 'one on one' and experience a shift away from fear-based decisions to love-based decisions. I am personally guiding you on a new life fulfillment journey, where you will see yourself and the world as wealthy and abundant.

What Do I Gain from This Program?

  • A shift in view from 'having a job' to following a calling of the heart.
  • An awareness of your unique gifts, talents and abilities.
  • A new perspective on what relationships are really meant to be.
  • How to establish good health throughout mental clarity, food, and wellness.
  • The ability to recast old destructive habits into new supporting ones.
  • Clarity to define a powerful vision for yourself and the means to live by it.
  • How to discover and to establish your unique life's mission to create value for others.
  • How to transform the old scarify mindset into a wealth mindset.

How Does it Work?

We will meet in person 4 times a month for 1 1/2 hour per week and I will take you on a walk where we have an intimate conversation and learning experience. The location will be in Petaluma, California. Please see the map link below the image for exact location. You will also get my personal phone number and email address to contact me.

The walk and the environment will help your mind and body to loosen up whatever your current situation is like, and you will be open for new life lessons and experiences that we will establish together as part of our walk. You will experience a very natural flow of expanding. It will lead to new insights and over time to a powerful foundation, where your life encounters a new meaning and a new purpose.

What is My Background?

I have studied the archetypes and cycles of life over the last 30 years. I also have established several successful businesses in the past. My experience similarly includes being a life coach for more than 10 years. Over the last 5 years I have developed and established a clear road-map of tools and techniques to support individuals in making a shift into abundance and wealth creation.

How Much Does it Cost?

The tuition fee for this 'life transition program' is $750 per month. It's an ongoing program, until you decide you have reached the state of well-being, wealth and the feeling you have completely shifted your mindset into this new paradigm. If you are not satisfied with the process and my guidance you can cancel anytime.

Do You Have a Commitment?

Please do not consider signing up for this program if you are only interested in making more money, gaining more control over the world, or in further extracting value from the world. In order to sign up for this program you need to have a sincere willingness to learn and make significant changes in your life.

You may need to give up things that you are attached to. These are usually old habits that are no longer needed, and keep you from moving forward.

I will have you sign a contract that will require your full commitment. This is not a legal contract; it will only serve for your continuous commitment and also act as a powerful force to keep you moving forward until you feel you have reached your desired goal.