Tune Into The Power of Alignment Through Archetypal Cycles

Life evolves in cycles. Some of these cycles last only a few days, others a month to a few years, and a few even last a decade or as long as a generation. Each cycle has its own intrinsic archetypal energy pattern.

There are ten distinctive cycles that create a unique energy pattern at any given time. This energy pattern transcends its information through collective changes, which manifest through each individual actions.

Tune Into The Power of Alignment Through Archetypal Cycles

Being in the Flow of Life

When you know the 'energetic blueprint' of these cycles and the intrinsic quality of the causing archetypes, then you have a tool to align your goals and intentions in life according to these cycles.

It's the most powerful way to be in alignment within a greater force-field of energy, which leads to a feeling of being in the flow. The experience of increased synchronicity events reveals the deeper order behind these cycles.

It's About Timing

Whenever a life cycle change occurs you will receive an email that explains in detail the cycle change, its energetic meaning and its purpose.

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