Learn the 10 Conditions of Wealth

Wealth is the state of well-being. There are 10 areas of life which contribute to this state. Each area is a condition that needs to be fulfilled and given proper attention. Learn and understand each of these areas to become fully alive and in alignment with the power of universal forces.

  • Life and the Connection to Well-Being
  • Each Life Force Explained in Detail
  • Personal and Collective Life Forces
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Take the Wealth Comprehension Test

Do you know all areas of life that lead to the state of wealth? Wealth is the condition of well-being once a person is in balance with the 10 universal forces of life. These forces are intrinsic to the process of life itself. Take this test to see which areas you already understand and which could be improved.

  • Learn the Foundation of Wealth
  • What Areas Can Be Improved
  • Your Wealth Comprehension Test Report
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Get the Wealth Composition Report

Your potential to fully live your life is determined by 10 universal wealth principles. Some of them are more dominant and others are more hidden or even unknown to you. Learning each principle and its intrinsic power gives you a deep understanding into the holistic nature of wealth.

  • Learn the Foundation of Wealth
  • Explore the 10 Life Forces
  • Your Wealth Composition Chart
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Get the Wealth Development Report

Success is not only to discover your unique wealth composition, it is also the alignment of your creation within the collective. Discovering and understanding the timeline of universal collective forces will give you the ability to ‘tune’ in.  It’s the most powerful and intelligent way to live your life to the fullest.

  • Learn the Foundation of Wealth
  • Align with Collective Forces
  • Your Wealth Development Chart
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Get Wealth Life Cycle Notifications

Life evolves in cycles. Each cycle has its own intrinsic archetypal energy pattern. There are ten distinctive cycles that create a unique energy pattern at any given time. This energy pattern transcends its information through collective changes, which manifest through each individual actions.

  • Learn the Cycles of Life
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  • Align Your Goals and Intentions
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