Biophoton Therapy - The Future of Healing with the Chiren

Light is the foundation of life. Living cells emit light in the form of photons. This light emanates from the core of each living cell. Every biochemical reaction is preceded by an electromagnetic signal, or biophoton.

Research shows this light is a part of the “steering system” that governs the life of all cells in our body. By targeting the underlying electromagnetic signal, Biontology addresses the root cause of all physical, emotional, mental and soul ailments.

Who Invented Bio Photon Therapy?

There are two names you need to know when talking about bio photon light therapy. They are Fritz-Albert Popp and Johan Boswinkel. Popp is the one who discovered the bio photon, which will be discussed in a moment. He's a German biophysicist, whose works were not translated into English for quite some time.

Popp is most famous for his research into the bio photon, which is a faint ray of light that a cell can give off. In his article where he discussed this, he also suggested that diseases were simply a disruption of this light and the chemical information it contains.

Boswinkel began as an economics student. However, as he worked with economic plans that kept failing, he realized that they failed because they didn't have the most crucial part of execution - human error. So he began studying medicine in hopes of learning more about humans. To his disappointment, medicines focused on pieces and chemicals, not humans and the whole. So he switched to psychology. Here too he was disappointed since it focused too types and models in his opinion. This was the 1970s, though, and science was booming on parts and pieces. So he returned to his original studies of economics and finances.

It is thanks to Johan Boswinkel, however, that Popp's work was translated into English. He is also among the first to take his work at face value at this time. He believed that if Popp's theory about bio photons was right, then it was possible to fix the chemical light and return that "light" to the body so that the body can function properly. Boswinkel began to look further into this concept.

Taking from the work of Dr. Reinhard Voll as well as Popp, Boswinkel set out to figure out how he could fix this chemical "light". Voll worked as part of the team that discovered how and why electric acupuncture works. Boswinkel's work showed that Popp's work described the acupuncture points that Voll had described. Popp's lights coincided with the electric resistance at the different acupuncture points described by Voll.

The Chiron Instrument

The instrument used for the therapy is called Chiron. The first version of the Chiron was based on analog electrical signals in the body. This was not an incredibly successful version due to an inability to properly assess how many bio photons were in a particular acupuncture spot. They only had a general idea of how much electricity was flowing through a particular spot.

The chiren instrument for biophoton therapy

The Chiren Instrument

In the 1990s, the invention of fiber optics changed the entire game plan. Fiber optics can deliver and carry light directly to where it is needed, which allowed for a much better Chiron instrument. This is the science that the current version of the instrument is based off of.

How Does it Work?

The Chiron has two parts: the assessment and the treatment itself. During the assessment, the Chiron will use Voll's description of acupuncture to see if there are any disturbances in the bio photons of a particular organ. If there is such a disturbance, the doctor helping will use a counter current to see if that fixes the issue. This will allow non-coherent bio photons to become coherent bio photons.

If that does not fix the disturbances, the treatment with the Chiron itself is used. A glass rod is held in either hand. Bio photons that are not coherent and any bio photons in general go into one glass rod. Then they are restored to healthy proportions and made coherent again before returning to the body via the second glass rod.

Both of these components are part of the Chiron instrument. The Chiron measures the electricity based on EAV measurements. It exaggerates the problem so that the correct treatment and scale can be picked since issues with bio photons are on a cellular level in the body. With multiple cells acting up, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the correct scale is used.

Why Does It Work?

Between the two glass rods is the Chiron. The bio photons are inverted and natural remedies from the body itself are revealed. When the bio photons are re-entered into the body, the body can use these remedies. They are not created by the Chiron - instead, the Chiron simply makes these remedies available inside the bio photons that then enter the body.

This is a completely natural remedy.

Instead of bombarding your body with chemicals and signals that it may not be able to use, the Chiron gives it a different version of something already made by the body. As mentioned above, the Chiron simply inverts the bio photons. This offers the body something it is already familiar with instead of adding something that may simply further complicate the problem.

Contained within the inverted bio photons is the information to set off corrective cycles. Millions of these corrective cycles can happen within a minute, and they can be as effective as traditional medicines for different issues.

How Does A Treatment Session Go?

A treatment session is very straightforward. First, the photomultipler will be used. This is the part of the Chiron instrument that allows the doctor helping the patient to determine where the issues are and which bio photons need to be inverted to help the patient.

Then the biofeedback piece of the Chiron instrument is used. This is what can send out the corrective information and includes the glass rods when they are needed. First, counter bio photons are sent into the body. These are essentially the healthy opposites of what is going wrong in the body. If that doesn't help and/or doesn't amplify the healthy bio photons that are already in the body, the glass rods come out so that the unhealthy ones can be inverted.

Depending on what the patient needs and how long they have been a patient, these two steps can be interchanged as needed.

Who Can Be Treated By Bio Photon Light Therapy?

There are so many different possibilities that can be treated with this kind of therapy. Among them are:

  • treating dyslexia
  • neutralizing bad information
  • copying information
  • treating whiplash
  • healing scars

There are standard programs for this kind of therapy. One is for children, and one is for adults. This allows the treatment to correspond with the body of the patient and that specific patient's needs.

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