Almost all paper money today is fiat money. Since 1971, real assets have not backed the dollars that Americans spend. Paper dollars have value by government fiat – the government has declared that these printed dollars are legal money. Because of America’s strong economic history, the dollar continues to have perceived value in America and […]

You have always been told that real wealth is based on assets, such as a house. In fact, your house is typically called the largest single investment that you will ever make. The problem with this concept is an ongoing confusion between assets and liabilities. Real wealth is not built on debt, but on assets. […]

In economic, social, environmental and many other terms, we are all in for the biggest ride in history. What you see right now is just the tip of the iceberg. You can compare some events in U.S. history with the Titanic. When she was built she was the biggest luxury cruise ship in the world. […]

1. Feeling Privileged and Satisfied to be Alive If you’re reading this, congratulations, you’re ALIVE! And if you can’t find a reason to smile about that, you’ll have an awfully tough time finding a better reason to do so. Time spent living is time worth appreciating. You are able to see the sunrise and the […]