To divide the available space. The power, drive and pulse to assert and prevail. To push through one’s own interest to live. Self-assertion and the willingness for conflict and fight for survival.

Will Power

Our driving force to be motivated, get started and to act. The will power and aggression for conflict and combat. To divide and distribute the existing habitat. The impulse to prevail or assert over others. The drive to survive and fight for living space and resources. The fight for my share of the pie.

Conquering new land and cultivation means driving out animals and plants from their own living space. To compete against others and enforce my life interests. The readiness for aggression is the willingness to fight and a part of the self-preservation instinct. Tears are also a silent and gentle form of enforcement.

We constantly take other living space away if we want to live our self. Competition is a necessary part of life and unavoidable. Plants not only grow but also act to prevail in the habitat. If one takes the time factor into account then you would see aggressive behavior.

The word aggression comes from the Latin root 'agressio' and means to attack something. To be reckless means one does not look back. To track a target without letting myself being stopped. I am actively working towards a problem and thus invest power. To pack the bull by the horns. The free play of forces.