Participation is the connectedness with the whole cosmos. The instinctive or intuitive knowing to belong and to be associated with an larger ecosystem. That everything is interconnected and part of itself. The possibility to self-sacrifice for the preservation of the species.

Beyond Boundaries

Crossing boundaries and dissolution of the apparent superficial. Attendance, participation, to dissolve to make transparent.

The part of us we feel is connected to the whole cosmos and strongly responds to us that everything is interwoven with everything else. The identification with the interests of the system of the whole, the group of humanity, nature, life, the universe. What is generally necessary and helpful in the moment. It can be named altruism as far as it relates to the human community. Not to think of ourselves but about others.

The unconscious knowledge that what I am doing to the other or anything I'm doing to nature, that I am doing this in a very literal sense to myself. A sense to be linked to nature or an ecological system. To identify with the needs and interests of the overall system in which I live. In this sense, a more comprehensive perception.

There is a possibility that a certain kind of organism can only be maintained when many individuals die (e.g. lemmings). This is collective suicide in animals. Sexual potency may decreases so that no new animals are born.

Sixth Sense

To record and perceive Information from remote parts of the cosmos. It takes a certain willingness or ability to absorb resonance from this information. Reading other minds, telepathy, clairvoyance, prophecies and precognition. Knowledge you can’t know from the normal way of communication or the 5 senses. Knowing what will happen in the future.

Sensitivity to vibrations, especially for music. Music seems to have intrinsic shapes and information that fits for a certain time into a mental structure. You can not measure it - like a person that emanates a certain atmosphere, or the energetic vibration in a room. Everything seems to influence yourself, even if it is still far away, and you can not delimit from anything. To feel it like a seismograph. To do something for others, because the others is also part of myself and therefore not to have any expectation of receiving thanks.

Delusions occur if not able to distinguish senses. Approaching the feeling of being connected through meditation, drugs, alcohol and the waiver of material goods. The pursuit of enlightenment. What seems impossible at the moment are often called wonders.

When overemphasized reality gets mixed up with mythical creatures, the belief in miracles and deception. To dissolve the subject-object separateness and becoming one with the bigger and larger context. Mood of universal human love and connected one with everything. Letting go from fixed stand points and certain angles by connected with a universal world view. A sense of the scale of the problems and the togetherness of related problem groups.

In order to manifest on the physical plane, ideals must learn to conform to its governing laws. Fulfillment on the earth plane creates abundance of wealth, power and knowledge.

When overdone and overstuffed, we lose touch with the potential state of the dream and are entrapped in materiality. Alcoholism is often brought about by an unfulfilled soul need for a total dissolution of ego into spirit. An absence or neglect of Neptune can be a lack of faith in the unknown, ego rigidity and rapid physical aging.

Oneness - Union

Its psychological and spiritual power is to forgive, to dissolve all bitterness and grievance, to dissolve the barriers to love. Its affinity is with the power of love, its implement is forgiveness, and its result is oneness.

The power to transmute the world through application of the law of non-resistance. It enables the soul to grow by the process of transubstantiation, wherein it evolves from the density of matter into ever increasing levels of light.

Dissolving the power of the ego. Mass movements that lead to confusion and sadness and unbelief are often governed by this archetype influence. Yet still they have a value, namely, to dissolve hardened points of egocentric consciousness.

Higher manifestations, always leads to a deepening of the spiritual states of peace, of love, of oneness with the light, of oneness with all life.

In its highest expression, it represents the power of forgiveness - the union with all life. The power of forgiveness and release can dissolve all barriers of separateness. The concept of sacrifice is nothing more than the desire to do what is best for the whole, sometimes to the point where it might require dissolution of the individual ego. This stimulus springs ultimately from a spiritual vision of love.