The drive to achieve the optimum development of its own system. The power that penetrates unfolding, growing, spreading and expansion. All given resources have to unfold. The urge to bring all facets to maturity.

Expansion, Growth and Finding Meaning

The strength and force from within that leads to maximum development. The desire to spread out, to bring all my talents to blossom. The growth momentum and the complete unfolding of our inherent potential. To develop and bring everything to light that is hidden and wrapped up inside us. To experience and feel what life offers me with the options that are here and within myself. The proper management of this development leads to a a fully functioning person and a sincere, genuine feeling of happiness.

Having the space, resources, and the urge to achieve the wholeness and bring it to maturity. The process of developing and becoming oneself. The pursuit to do good, to improve and to strive for the highest possible goodness.

Striving to find my inherent talents, gifts and assets. Pondering the question of what is good for myself. Finding the power and force inside myself for my optimal deployment. Contemplating the question of meaning of life. Happiness results by fully using ones unique talents.

The drive inside myself to reach the optimum of my own development. The talent to be satisfied. The expansion. The search for the optimal development of my own assets. The right amount.

Money as any other form of resource is a prerequisite to be happy, but it is not the money that itself is happiness. It does not lead to the target to seek the feeling of happiness as a final state of being. Everything that tastes good requires the proper dosage.


The feeling and state of happiness depends and relates to what I think what may be possible - a sense of entitlement, the level of aspiration. Developing the talent to see the beauty and not what is missing. To fully be in the moment, enjoy what is and let myself have a good time. To develop a sense for the right measure and proportion.

The question of meaning in life cannot be addressed intellectually or logically. Finding answers to the questions where I come from and where I'm going. An intuitive understanding of the wider context in which I am embedded. Intuition is the ability to develop a non-rational feeling which arises from unconscious knowledge.

The ability to believe that I know something that’s inside myself, a feeling of truth. An intuitive knowledge and certainty, which is not related to faith. Without this internal security there is no guidance and no path to walk and therefore no power.

The question of the meaning of the good in us, which is the basis of religion. The word ‘religio’ come from the latin and means obligation, bond, belief in a divine power. The respect for what is sacred, conscientiousness, sense of right. A bond between humans and the forces of nature.

The pursuit of higher, the larger context and my place in the context of the world. Where my existence achieves its purpose. The search for my position. Longing for something that goes beyond me. To give things a new meaning. All sacred practice, services, ceremonies and rituals.