Mutation is the change of genes affecting the appearance of the form. A radical leap and sudden alteration for a better adaptation to the environment. Creating new or different skills or the acquisition of new skills. An expanded ability to move through the environment or a radical change in the conditions of life.


The alteration of the genes by mutation, which acts in the succession of generations. A radical change in the shape or appearance of the individual. A sudden leap in development that leads to better adaption for the environment. New or different skills that were not previously available. The acquisition of new skills, an enhancement of habitat and a targeted change in living conditions. A radical development and enhancement that serves the species. The principle and the force in oneself, that contributes to a collective development of its species.

The ingenuity of technical innovations. The power of the creative mind to bring about a radical change in life and in the conditions of mankind. The increase of mobility and the freedom through information technology, which is targeting towards artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence will develop itself and create new paradigms, which man kind would not be capable of.

The initial impulse and the process of genetic engineering can often not be understand, because the result of the alteration can only been seen in future generations. Mankind is part of this force but its influence manifests beyond us. We are used as a tool, but its effect and purpose goes beyond our individuality. We are unable to understand it, because we usually only provide the question of personal benefit. We are a cell in an organism that strives for a new and improved world.


The constant search for new, ground-breaking, unusual and originality. Idealism is dreaming up new solutions to reform the existing conditions. Rebellion through revolting against the existing conditions. The permanent revolution, personal freedom and self-development. Better solutions through the process of brainstorming and spontaneous ideas. Ideals such as objectivity, absolute justice, complete freedom and self-determination, absolute equality of opportunity and equality of rights, ideas and coincidences.

The process of thinking with this force is witty, original and funny, associative, and pointedly, eccentric and imaginative and inventive. The way of action is self-willed, unconventional and spontaneous. Provides access to intuitive flashes of knowledge or revelation that come from outside our conscious awareness.

The renewal and the development can occur in form of accidents and disasters. In Greek language the word ‘disaster’ means reversal point, which is a temporary force that constantly strives for revolutions or at least for reforms. It is connected to innovation and to bring the the previously unthinkable into existence. At the same time it represents the highest form of individuality and personal freedom. The goal is to develop and grow a field of connectedness, in order to get closer to the future vision, the present moment and to finally dive into it.


The audacity to disconnect from anything impeding your absolute freedom. It teaches detachment from structure and introduces a more chaotic approach to the solution. Chaos theory tells us that what we experience as ‘randomness’ may be a signal from a still higher sense of intrinsic order are not yet aware of.

The overall intention of this force is to liberate whatever is in touches by energizing it's innate and true nature, while shattering those patterns molded by conditioned and socially accepted replicas of freedom. Its roots of influence are beyond time and space.  It symbolizes the trans-personal element of our true autonomy. Rebellion is associated with the originality of genius.

The Causing Shift

The inventive, spontaneous re-constructing ability of the human spirit. From pressure of emergency or from hasty situation the ability to create technical things that meet the general conditions of our existence differently, or change our way of life from the outside.

The form of the solution has therefore something unexpected and sometimes completely contradicts previous experience. A deeper capturing of the Zeitgeist and to precede the average. Performing practically often with the attitude of the untimely, swimming against the stream.

A spiritual turning point, scientific discoveries, the break of artistic styles, moral and educational reforms, technical and political upheavals.

Sporadic occurring problem solutions whose success is based on elaboration of a non-denominational intuitively sensed main idea. A paradox, which touches a content by taking habitual relationships upside down. A tool against formal logical dead ends. Overcoming space restrictions and time-lapse technology. An Individual does not function well until all externally imposed restrictions are completely cut off or transcended.