The function of pain as a principle of survival of the organism. Pain used to assure integrity of the organism. To persevere, internal stability and the defense against foreign influence. The resistance to change structure. Adapting to rules and the group as existence is dependent on a functioning order.

Structure and Concentration on Essentials

To ensure the integrity and the intactness of an organism. A life protective, life-preserving function in the biological sense. Without pain there is a shorter life expectancy. Pain is important to survive, it is an alarm signal and must be uncomfortable to be efficient. In the spiritual realm it is the emotion of fear. It also acts as an alarm signal that something is dangerous. If this danger it is not an actual threat than it signals a disorder in the soul.

This protective force acts as a threshold between the individual and the collective. The preservation of those limits are important, otherwise no individuality is possible. It ensures that all parts that belong to us are staying with us. That we do not lose or eliminate parts of our soul, a built-in functionality for protection our integrity. By keeping the integrity of the structural being together we understand what ones integrity is made of.  It is a built in necessity to understand the correlations around us. It is also a defense against foreign influences to maintain internal stability.

The resistance to change my nature and its integrity is foremost a security function, however if consistently persistence will lead to stubbornness, and may turn into a chronicle state of suffering.

It is the ability to store experiences and draw conclusions from it for future use. To analyze discomfort and bring it to realization. Like a detector, which issues a message that needs to be taken care of. Understanding and analyzing of what's causing the discomfort will lead to insights and understanding of the internal structure of the matter. This results into experience and later on into wisdom.

Inventions often derive from deficiency, something is missing or could be done better. The ability to respond and handle deficiencies in order to protect the integrity. The skill to live frugally, precautionary and to reserve for better times.

The quest for recognition in the group. The need for adaptation, posturing and standards in a culture. The order of the group is important for the individual as chaos threatens all individuals. The primal fear of being an outsider, the conscience to protect my existence. The dependence on a minimum of order, rules and norms in society. If the integrity is threatened by another person then adapting to existing norm and order - common ground - will help with protection. Society is needed to live as an individual and we are dependent on human community with structure and culture. To adhere to rules, which were established by a group. Securing the social structure, having a preference for norms and rules. The reduction to the essentials.

The community with its orders, binding rules is more important than individual development. To put into perspective individual social needs and the demands of society. Everyone has his duty to do the best as possible to serve the whole, personal self-realization must be put aside if everything is at stake. Self-restraint, devotion to duty, consistency, discipline and hard work are key values​​.

The Shadow

The portions or parts of the soul that were not previously allowed to live causes the projection into the outer world. All aspects of my soul that I am not able to see inside myself are the shadow. It is associated with a primal fear where the source has been forgotten or suppressed. Getting upset, being angry, acting in affect or being aggressive without being personal affected by the situation itself means being in contact with a part of the soul as a projection. The projection reveals itself in the heat of emotion and also shows itself as hatred. The suppressed energy of the shadow is activated from the outside.

Fear is a tool for self-preservation, caution and consideration. Fear also comes from narrowness, and if it is not overcome leads to stubbornness, being rigid, one-sidedness and at the expense of creativity and spontaneity.  It shows us where we are responsible for structuring and building experiences ourselves by converting fears into commitments. Facing the fear reveals specific knowledge supporting the kind of duty required to take full responsibility for the lack of the current development situation.

Being conservative means to preserve. The need to maintain the status quo. Formally, strictness, to be bendable by the rules. Creating order out of chaos, enforcing standards, create justice, respect the rules of the game, being accurate and scientific. Creating stability and order. Shaping, crystallization, solidification, retentiveness, stability and the ability to concentrate means to narrow the visual field. To be able to take on hardship. To prove oneself at difficult tasks, the ability to cope with shortage and to live with little or less.