The autonomic nervous system. The control of all involuntary processes without awareness. The maintenance of survival functions of the organism as a system, its vital functions and all unconscious processes. To get stimulated from the environment, to be acted upon, record, impress without any filter.


The association with symbols, which are not logical but associative. To understand symbols means to connect to the wisdom of the soul. They are the carriers of fundamental categories for the living. This follows its own hidden ways and is beyond our rational understanding. We can’t influence it - like a tree that grows on its own. You can provide nutrition and you can shape the form of the tree, but you can’t control the process of growing itself.


To perceive stimulation is the source of creativity. Creativity can not be forced, it is something that happens. A perception without sensory filter. To perceive stimuli from the environment just as they are. To be influenced and impressed without creating a relationship to the stimuli. To soak up the impression without any resistance. Being susceptible - it happens and you let it happen.

To imprint and absorb atmospheric environment like a hologram. It’s an involuntary process that is beyond any control and a component of the psyche. The simple state of being alive. The devotion to entrust and let things happen.


The connection to the subconscious which delivers pictures, sensations and thoughts. The process of day dreaming - the passive experience of letting pictures, sensations and thoughts arise. Creativity flows from the subconscious stream to the conscious.