The central system, the source of energy, the entity and essence, the primal force, the shape-forming principle, the central being of an organism. The holistic principle that in every part is the whole included. The genes that hold the information for the whole organism. The image of an idea is represented in the physical world. The force that turns the idea into form.

The Essence

The essential nature, its being itself. Related to entelechy, which is the complete realization and final form of some potential concept or function; the conditions under which a potential thing becomes actualized. A particular type of motivation, need for self-determination, and inner strength directing life and growth to become all one is capable of being.

The giver of life, the energy dispenser, the essence, intrinsic. The primal ground of any movement. The central character and the shape forming principle in organisms. The principle of wholeness, hologram, the original idea. From one part arises again the whole. The form which it bears in itself.

The Idea

The material world is only a mirror and the concretization of a original idea. The genes hold the information to produce the whole organism. Evolve toward a goal. Sheldrake calls it the morphogenetic fields - an organism grows in an existing field. It is as a ethereal form already available. Like as poured into a mold.

How does a cell what she wants to be? The genes explain a lot, but why not develop different cells. It seems that systems have memories where information is stored. The power in us that drives us casting in this form. The drive in us to become who we are. Our innermost being.

The control and development of the whole. Life corresponds to our center, which is the heart. It is the seat of our life force and life energy. To be my essence and act accordingly.

The Center

To do something from the center, to be in the center and to identify with it. I can do it only if I can identify it. To be always on the way to wholeness. From the identification comes conviction, self-confidence and clarity. What I am doing lies in my nature. What I radiate is convincing.

To be competent, confident, to know, to trust and to take responsibility. The ability to structure things from a central point. To have a feeling for the heart of a process, what really matters, the core of it. To be proud and not disown oneself.