The essential idea of economics expressed as in efficiency. The function of navigating in the environment. To detect and differentiate perceptions. To divide, differentiate and classify stimuli. The central nervous system and the efficient adaptation to the environment. To communicate and exchange signals and information. The process of learning works as an optimization tool. Intelligent ways and means to achieve a goal.

Adapting to Environment

To find and secure the way in the outside world and the environment as efficiently as possible. To achieve the intended objective in the most efficient manner. The function of the organism that allows itself to find its way, control and make use of its natural resources in a responsible and wise way. To subdivide the stimuli, find differences and classify them. To adapt to the environment by acting accordingly and make use of things that are needed. It is a pragmatic behavior that depends on known practical realities, where practical action is more important than theoretical reason.

A plant needs to know where the light is, so it can turn to the light and harness its energy and benefit from it. It can differ from light and darkness and therefore move into the right direction. This distinctive perception is called recognition. Animals use their instinct, which offers little flexibility as it function is like hard wired. The optimal adjustment to the environment depends on a higher form of instinct, which is communication.

Observation and Analyses

To achieve the maximum effect with the least effort in the shortest reasonable time. To conduct an adequate analysis from the received impression in order to enable the highest possible reasonable and effective action. The ability to train the intellect, so it can see through everything, explain and classify on the analysis again.


Communication in its simplest form means to be in contact which each other and in contact with the environment. To pay attention to signals and process signals. To exchange signals, which leads to a distinctive perception that becomes meaningful. This process is called learning. It increases the ability to perfectly adapt to the environment and works as an optimization tool.

Language is the essential medium of communication. Intelligence in this way is the optimal use of tools and skills. To be equipped with conceptual knowledge that provide sufficient satisfaction to situations of life without destroying its intrinsic meaning. The acquiring of knowledge to improve the situation.

To be of purpose, useful and literal - keeping things in perspective. To organize processes in a practical way and to respond practical without being emotionally entangled. Thinking as a form of abbreviated acting.