The harmony and proportion between chaos and order. The rhythm and homeostasis to center generates well-being and pleasure. Propagation and the reward system to find the optimum level that impacts the psychological balance.

To maintain a flowing balance by finding the average between pleasant and unpleasant. The flowing equilibrium between chaos and order. The movement towards equilibrium generates a reward in form of a feeling of pleasure and well-being. Things to each other in proportion as extreme poles are incompatible with life. Life is rhythmic order.


When the blood sugar level falls we receive the feeling of hunger and we eat. The blood sugar level than rises again. The value oscillates between optimum value or target value. The taste of food and the appetite is the satisfaction of certain vital substances. Thus, a particular substance is regulated in the body.


The search for the optimum tension level. Optical and acoustic stimulation is important and necessary for life to sustain. An absent of stimulation creates first boredom then mental and physical imbalance. The satisfaction of a need is related to desire. The pleasure arises not by reaching but in the movement towards equilibrium and balance.

To create lasting values of stability, security, fertility, which leads to at a stable basis in life. To have enough of the most important things. Possession strengthens the self-esteem. Resistance, endurance and reliability. Securing the home turf through orderly relations and the cohesion of the group. Maintaining social balance. Success through popularity and maintenance of relationships.

It’s not the survival of the strongest, but the best adapted. the golden ratio. Harmony, partnership, aesthetics. Compensation and balance, openness to encounters. Style, art and balancing thinking.