Evolving Wealth - Educating The Conditions of Well Being

The word 'wealth' originates from Medieval English and means 'the condition of well-being'.

Earth is a living planet - a biosphere. Its inherent life forces are the principles that keep it alive, self organizing and self regulating. Every living creature is an intrinsic part of this larger biosphere and therefore connects and aligns with the universal forces of life.

This connectedness is a profound life principle and contributes to driving evolution.

When we face our challenges we expand and grow. It eventually leads to our unique potential. When we connect to our potential we are in tune with our essence - who we really are - we are in alignment with our individual and collective destiny.

Our purpose on earth then develops into a universal meaning. A contribution of service that is rooted in our distinctive talents, gifts and creativity. We serve with our individuality in harmony with the ongoing collective evolution.

I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.

- Albert Schweitzer

Recognizing and feeling our essence is the natural state of happiness. This viewpoint on unity and oneness creates an environment for abundance, affluence and wealth.

Changes That Occur From The Viewpoint of Oneness

  • When we recognize and align with the laws of nature our focus shifts away from competition to cooperation.
  • We focus on creating abundance, not scarcity.
  • We create a new story for money that frees humanity from slavery to it and turns our livelihoods into callings that nurture our soul and spirit.
  • We focus on creating goods and services that are in real need and not based on manipulating and distorting our desires for a material security.
  • We abandon reckless consumption for the sake of economic growth.
  • We stop being 'right' and 'wrong' and focus our attention on what is best for the greater good, which is also our own.

We understand that every action that derives from the viewpoint of oneness creates more good and wealth for all of us.

The driving force of our lives is no longer based upon 'separation'. We are aware that separations are only a concept in our minds. We are no longer manipulated by artificially created scarcity. We recognize the true state of our being as abundance itself.

Mission Statement

The vision of the Evolving Wealth Foundation is to educate for the new paradigm of oneness. A reunion that sees us and the world again as one entity, one living organism. To provide a thorough understanding of the archetypes and cycles of life. To establish the conditions of well-being that will lead to a state of wealth awareness and creation.