Evolving Wealth Foundation Profile

The Evolving Wealth Foundation provides the educational basis and the structural outline to the universal wealth principles of nature. These are the archetypes and cycles of life. The mission is to support, distribute, adapt, collaborate and actualize these principles to establish a steady state of global affluence.

Bridging the Hybrid Age

As a first task it will provide detailed information for a better understanding of our current global monetary system. The architecture of our present economic and psychological paradigm is based on upon 'separation'. The second task provides a practical education model. The opportunity to establish a sustainable platform for creating real and lasting wealth worldwide.

Evolving Wealth Foundation is currently in development. Its structure will be twofold.

Open Source Entity

As an open source model it will provide the necessary teaching materials. This includes a detailed description and model of the inherent principles and forces of nature. It explains the individual and collective cycles of life and provides in-depth, practical information on how to use it. This open source model will support itself from donations and sponsors that align with that vision.

Commercial Entity

As a commercial entity it will offer several reports to help individuals to find their core strength, talent, gifts and the ability to align their lives with the cycles and rhythms of nature. It will enable people to build sustainable businesses with it. This model derives revenue from the selling of reports, books and videos. It may go open source, as well, if major and ongoing funding can be provided.